Concessions Information/Policy for IY(UK) Convention 2022

Concessions Information/Policy for IY(UK) Convention 2022

The following rates will apply to the in-person convention. 

  • £250 Full rate - this covers all the costs of providing the convention including paying the teacher, venue hire and for the organisation and logistics; in addition we hope to make a small surplus from this event, to support the ongoing work of IY(UK) and its teachers.

  • £220 Concession rate (12% discount) - Members who are on a low income (e.g. eligible for Income Support, PIP or similar benefits) or experiencing financial hardship may choose to pay a concessionary rate which is discounted by 12% off the full price. Please choose the concessionary rate if this applies to you. A staged payment plan may also be requested, please contact for further information.

The full rate and 12% concession rate can be booked via the main booking form on the IY(UK) website.


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