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Iyengar Yoga (UK)

Iyengar Yoga (UK) provides a network of information about Iyengar yoga and yoga events in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


IY(UK) is responsible for maintaining close links with the Iyengar family in India, for mentoring and training teachers, and for supporting as well as maintaining standards of teaching across the UK in Iyengar yoga. As part of its work, the organisation has over 2000 members, produces two magazines a year, and has a number of very active voluntary committees; including therapy, training and assessment, ethics, archives, and equity, undertaking assessments, certification and co-ordinating professional development events throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.


This work enables teachers to remain up to date, keep vibrant and in contact, building a community spirit, to help support the practice, and maintain the standard and validity of our teaching certificates. In addition the association provides insurance cover for teacher members.

For more information visit: Iyengar Yoga UK

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