Covid-19 Policy for IY(UK) Convention 2022
  • IY(UK) will adhere to any Covid-19 government and venue guidelines in place at the time of the convention.  By purchasing a ticket to the convention, attendees agree to adhere to any such guidelines.

  • IY(UK) will require attendees to carry out a Covid-19 test in advance of the convention, and not attend unless the test shows a negative result.  Anyone who has Covid-19, or who is required by the government to self-isolate, should not attend. 

  • IY(UK) will refund the convention cost (minus an admin fee of up to £50) to anyone who has booked but is unable to attend due to a positive Covid-19 test or self-isolation in line with government requirements.  Refund requests should be submitted no later than 15 days after the convention has taken place with proof of a positive test (e.g. photo of positive LFT or certificate via NHS Covid app).  For purposes of clarity, refunds will be for the cost of the convention ticket only, and not for any additional expenses you may have incurred.


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