Frequently Asked Questions

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What equipment do I need to bring?

You will need a mat, four blocks, two belts and two blankets as a minimum.


Can I hire equipment?

Yes, we work with suppliers to provide a bundle of hire equipment that can be ordered in advance.  Details of this will be available on this website shortly, please check the Merchandise page.


Will there be anywhere to buy food on site?

Yes, there will be a range of catering options available at the Convention.  This will include a lovely salad box bar.  In addition there are food outlets and coffee shops available in the International Convention Centre. Finally there are a range of restaurants by the canal-side, just a few minutes walk from the rear entrance doors.


Where can I store my luggage?

There will be a cloakroom for bag storage available throughout the 3 day event.


Can I put my mat and equipment down in the hall before registration?

No, the venue will not be accessible to attendees until 10am on Saturday morning.

How far is the walk from the train station?

The ICC is a 10-15 minute walk from the main Birmingham New Street station.

Are there any travel discounts available?

Yes, the ICC have a relationship with Virgin Trains – see the ICC ‘find us’ page where they state that as they are part of the NEC group, we can get 20% off pre-booked ticket prices sue to their partnership.

Will water be available?

Yes, there will be water fountains around the venue for you to fill your re-useable water container. Please make sure you bring a re-useable drinks bottle along, and also make sure that it is labelled with your name.

Do the organisers allow plastic?

The IY UK Convention team work hard to identify areas where the use of plastics can be reduced and where possible recyclable materials are used.

How far is it to the nearest accommodation?

There is a wide-range of accommodation available in Birmingham, some of which is only a few minutes’ walk away from the ICC. Please visit the ‘Where to stay page’ for more details.

Is there any car parking on site?

The ICC website states the following parking advice “And when you get here, you’ll find parking’s a walk in the park thanks to the thousands of spaces near to our venue. Our closest spaces are at our sister venue Arena Birmingham (King Edward’s Road, B1 2AA).  Mobile payments can be made upon arrival at the Arena car park via, quoting location code 5020.”


Will I be able to unload my equipment and where will I store my bags?

Once you have registered (between 10am and 11am) you will be able to place your yoga equipment in the yoga hall and then store your bags in the designated areas.  Large bags can be stored in the venue throughout the weekend.


I have medical issues, but would like to attend, what should I do?

The convention teacher will require you to take responsibility for your own physical and mental health and will not be able to give you help for individual problems. You are expected to manage these using your own knowledge and experience. If you are unsure whether you should attend with a certain condition you should consult your teacher or contact the organisers If you have a serious condition that the teacher should be made aware of please also notify us.


How much experience is needed?

A minimum two years Iyengar yoga experience is required.

Are there any discounts/concessions?

The full price for three days applies to all attendees.

Can I sell my own products/crafts at the convention?

We welcome sellers and makers of products and crafts in our marketplace. See the marketplace page for further details.

I want to cancel my place, what is the cancellation policy?

We have a page stating the cancellation policy click here.


I would like to share accommodation if possible, how do I make contact with other people who might want to do the same?

We will have a facebook event/group set up, you can post up any requests such as this on there.


Can we leave equipment in the yoga hall overnight?

When we used the yoga hall at the ICC in 2017 we were able to leave equipment overnight, we hope to do this again.

Can I buy a convention T shirt?

Yes definitely, these are currently being designed and all attendees will be sent details in advance of the Convention to make a pre-event purchase.  There will also be some available at the Convention.

Can I attend the Convention without being a member of IY UK?

No, all attendees must be members of IY UK.

Do I need insurance to attend?

We do advise getting cancellation insurance.

Can I volunteer?

We welcome volunteers and rely on their support to run the event over the three days. If you’re interested in volunteering email Isabel:

Do I get a discount if I volunteer?

We are not able to offer discounts to volunteers.


Will the weekend count towards my teaching practice?

Yes it will.


Will a recording be available?

No, we are not able to offer recordings.


Will there be photography?

Yes, IY UK will be taking photos throughout the three days. If you do not wish to be photographed, please let the team know at the reception desk.


I will need to leave early on Monday, will this be okay?

Our convention teachers always request that students stay on until the end of their teaching, so we respectfully request that participants do not leave early, please book the time in your diary and plan your travel with this in mind.


I can’t attend all three days, but I’d really like to come, what should I do?

Attendees should ensure they are able to attend the event in full before signing up, should you wish to discuss your participation with the organisers, please email