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Mass yoga demonstration

Sunday May 29th

3 - 4pm Demonstration

4 - 5pm Social

Bogs Field Valley Gardens HG12SZ

To highlight the work and dedication of our yoga community, we will be inviting all attendees to take part in an outdoor Iyengar yoga practice over the convention weekend. This mass event will take place in Valley Gardens one of Harrogate's most beautiful outdoor spaces.

Valley Gardens Harrogate

are English Heritage Grade II Listed gardens, which along with woodland, are known as The Pinewoods covering 17 acres.

By special permission, our yoga practice / demonstration will take place on hallowed ground: the beautiful Bogs Field situated at the heart of Valley Gardens.


Bogs Field is believed to hold a greater number of different mineral water springs (now wells) coming to the surface than any other place on earth. Thirty-six of Harrogate’s approximately one hundred mineral wells are found within the gardens, with no two being alike.

Here are a few pictures of Bogs Field, and from the last yoga demonstration we organised in Exeter, 


With the pandemic stopping in-person conventions, and our last one being 3 years ago, its been an extra long wait to come together as a group again. To mark the occasion, we will be offering a special opportunity to celebrate by creating a film of this outdoor demonstration practice. The film will go out widely across our social media channels and feature on our website, so that it can be shared with each other, and the international Iyengar yoga community

Final Details Below

Geeta Iyengar's Practice Sequence: here

Equipment needed: 1 Mat 1 Brick (bring an old mat if you have it,)

Geeta Iyengar's sequence of practice will be our guide. Many of us are familiar with it because she gave it to us on the occasion of the first International Yoga Day in 2015. It will be a group practice, and a small group of demonstrators will be at the front to enable us to mirror them in unison, also the names of the poses will be announced quietly just before we perform them.. But it will be easy to follow. Essentially it is a silent practice/demonstration, with no music, just the sounds of nature around us.

Any poses in the list that can't / or should not be performed, can be adapted on an individual bases e.g. Sirsasana = Tadasana.



A party will leave HCC Entrance 1, at 2.30pm to walk to Valley Gardens (15 minutes walk)


If going independently Bogs Field is located at the far end of Valley Gardens: See number 6 on this downloadable map

Please arrive in good time at 2.45pm to set up your mat on the grassy area.

Health and Safety

As experienced practitioners of Iyengar yoga, we ask that you ensure you are responsible for your own well-being during the demonstration. Please be aware of possible limitations and be respectful and careful of those around you, the environment is different, as we will be on grass, and poses may need to be adapted, however with kindness and co-operation amongst each other it should be a joyful and nurturing experience 

Our first aiders are available for the duration of the event for consultation on minor injuries.

If the weather is hot, please wear sunscreen or a hat to protect yourself and please bring water to hydrate yourself before and after the demonstration.


Right next to Bogs Field is a lovely cafe, and hot drinks and snacks can be bought from there. You might also like to bring your own afternoon tea picnic for friends to share. 

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